Entewaweklen Wey/ እንተዋወቃለን ወይ EBS Special Sh Sunday with EBS


Hanna Yohannes hosts a pilot of the brand new Game Show, Entewawek Wey show.

It is a new addition to EBS’s Sunday program which is becoming growling popular. ” Friends, relatives, neighbors are invited to compete,” begins Hanna Yohannes. She stands at a counter table facing three couples in colorful chairs. The setup is in a classical game layout.

Since shows like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and The Price is Right achieved international fame in the 70s and 80s, countries have been introducing their own varieties. Indeed, Ethiopia already has a number of shows of this sort. Namely, actor, Nesanet Workneh runs a game show called YeBetseb Chewata

Hanna Yohannes Kicks off the First Episode

The rules of Entwawek are simple has three rounds. In the first rounds, wives leave and husbands stay. Hanna asks a series of questions which are answered on the spot.

Then, the wives return and are also asked the same questions. Following, If a couple gives the same or very similar answers they get 5 points. Next, the same is reversed with four questions asked to the wives, if husbands get the same answers they get 10 points. In addition, there is a final question with a bonus 25 points.

Hanna gives a serious warning: no giving answers, through whispering or in Amharic manshekashok. Moreover, price includes a full day treat of dining, sauna package, swimming and other amenities at the five star Capital Hotel and Spa in Addis Ababa.

Now, Hanna kicks off the show. Firstly, the contestants are formally introduced.

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Micheal Nega and Mekdes Mogus are introduced first. They’ve been married two years. In addition, he works for Ethiotelecom she is a teacher. Next Beniam Amsale and Selamwit Menelik introduce themselves. They too have been married for two years and run a store together. Finally, Engedawork and his wife have been together 8 months and they are self-employed.

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Next, The wives are asked to leave. Mickey, Beni and Engeda begin answering the first question: “What is your wife most afraid of?” Mickey goes first, “Rats.” “I don’t like those either,” Hanna laughs. One says cockroaches, the other also think his wife fears rats the most. Next question, “What do you wish our wife would stop buying.”

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