Walta interview with Artist Haimanot Girma and Getu Omahire


Haimanot Girma and Her Fans Interviewed

Haimanot Girma and Getu sang Omahire 14 years ago in (2004) 1996 Ethiopian Calendar. In essence, within this Andafta.com documentary, she is interviewed along with Getu, professional musicians, and fans

Notably, her unique poses and singing style has engraved her in the minds of her admirers. Other popular songs by Haimanot Girma include Kezira and Asmalu.

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Firstly, our attractive host in a blue dress joins Haimanot Girma at her home. Haimanot Greets all her fans. Firstly, the singer shares how she started singing when she was a little girl. We are shown a family portrait of Haimanot with her two young kids. Haimanot admires Getu and says that she likes working with Getu very much.

Further, Getahun Meteku or Getu Omahire is also interviewed. He explains the meaning of the lyrics in the song. Oh, Mare is a way of saying, my love.

Fite biken dik yelal fikre, ya chewata qum negere, yemalresa wondme ne, yelegenet leb yanure. These Amharic words are a woman expressing her memory of her lover. She misses his words and says he is a brother she will never forget.

Also, Meseret Sisay is interviewed, as cars zoom by behind her. She recalls being a student when the song Ohmare came out and has fond memories of it. She even begins singing some of the lyrics.

Host Talks to  St Yared Music School Students and Staff

Next, our host goes to St Yared music school and is holding a violin. Students from 1996, 1997 (Ethiopian Calendar) are interviewed. Samrawit Azene, a student, is interviewed by a piano recalls singing it during her music lessons.

Thereafter, Samrawit remembers the movement of her eyes when she sang and sees it as a signature mark of Haimanot’s style.

Next, Haimanot says she did Eshiroro and went to the Middle East.

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Haimanot On the Creation of Her Hit Single Kezira New Bete

“The day I started that song I went to Getu’s in the morning,” begins Haimanot. She is talking about her hit single Kezira New Bete. Next, “I like told you Getu is really capable, and he suggested something. ‘Why don’t you add ‘Kezira new bete’?’ he said.

Then she sang it to Tamrat and Tadele Roba and they both helped her. Finally, Habtamu Bogale helped her with the second section, he wrote 4 lines for her. “Also, the term Kezira New Bete, has a lot of power. And Getu just told me that, offhand.”

Significantly, the song reminds her of Jegol, Shewa Ber, my family’s house. Indeed, Haimanot is talking about Harar, the oldest city in Ethiopia.

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