Actress Addisalem Getaneh on Ethiopikalink Moment of Truth


Moment of truth in Ethiopikalink is a program that invites celebrities to ask them different questions and the guest should give the truth or they can’t escape a question.

Today’s Moment of truth guest is Actress Addisalem Getaneh. The hosts welcomed her and asks her about her nickname on Instagram which is ‘painkiller’ and she answered’ once my best friend was sick and I called him to wish him to get well soon and while we were talking he said ‘now am feeling better my painkiller’ then since that day he starts calling me painkiller and I liked it.’

She is one of the female celebrities who have many followers on Instagram so far, she has 194,000 followers that put her in the first place. So, the host asked her was she always on the first place and she said ‘honestly but don’t laugh, I thought Instagram was a photo editor so I wasn’t using that much but when I learn that its social media app I start using it. At that time, I wasn’t leading there was this guy who excels me. He is habesha but he doesn’t live here. And I didn’t know that I was leading. I realize that when I was a guest in Seifu on EBS show and he told me about it.’

The hosts asked her to tell them who Addisalem is and how many movies did she do and when did she start doing a movie?

‘I was born and raised in Wolliso 114 kilometers far from Addis. So, I start trying while I was there. So far, I participate in 14 movies.’
Here is the game rule, there is six round which has question that needs to explain briefly and some question with choosing an option. Hesitation to answer is not allowed but can take time to think. You can pass question twice.

First, the easy question was in what movie did she win Gumma and Leza award and
she replied ‘in gumma award, I win for my movie titled ‘Yewededu Semon’ and ‘Ha ena Le’ is for Lez.’

How did you manage to get 194,000 followers on Instagram?

‘well, I would say God gave me. Whenever I took a nice picture I pose it. I don’t have rules using Instagram. There are no secrets. I prefer Instagram than Facebook. Finally, I really want to thank my followers.’

Which movie do you like more from your 14 movies?

‘I like them all but ‘Yebal Gabicha’ is my first movie that I love because I was certified with it.’

What are you doing now?

‘now I’m hosting a show that will be distributed on intermate inviting different peoples to have a discussion with a different issue.’

Her birthday is on Sept. 1, E.C. beside acting she likes to dance and sing. According to Addisalem, if she wasn’t in the movie industry she might be a good trader. She likes music than the movie and she prefers texting than talking on the phone.
The second-round question started with the movie she like that she didn’t participate and she says she likes ‘Geday Siyarefafd.’

Who do you want to meet?

‘I really like to meet up with Mulalem Tadesse because I have a love and respect for her.
Tell us how you spend your day
‘I wake up in the morning and I love making coffee eat breakfast with friends. if I’m not working I will stay home watch movie and do stuff. I have 4 brothers and 1 sister that I like spending time with.’

They have discus many things including her future plan and her personal life. We hope you will enjoy the funny moment of truth time till the end.

የተመረጡና ሰበር ዜናዎችን ያግኙ