Girlfriend Ask her Boyfriend to Marry her and the response


The woman asking mans to be her husband or her boyfriend or lover wasn’t an obvious thing in Ethiopia. Elderly people believe that women should speak loud, eating on the road, or asking men for a relationship because of dignity or proud. Women should always stay in the house or in the kitchen by being a good housewife.
But now day things are changing we all are seeing that women can be whatever they want to be or whatever they want. Even they are participating in those carriers that were meant for men’s only.

‘Ethio Taem’ is a radio program which is opening a way to propose someone you love on air whether you’re man or a woman. The program takes space on every Monday and Wednesday at 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM and Saturday 11:30 AM – 1:30 AM in Ethio FM 17.8
Tsion to days guest is proposing her boyfriend on air (live on radio) for the first time. She and her boyfriend Mintesnot know each other since from high school but they have been together in a relationship for 7 years. And Mintesinot was asking her to marry him but at that time she wasn’t ready to get married.

Tsion is 25 years old. She is learning management and she owns small trade business. And her boyfriend is a teacher. Now she is ready to marry him and spend the rest of her life with him.
So to propose him she has to call him on air, so she and the radio hosts call to Mintesnot and after he pics up they tell him that they are calling from Ethio Fm and there is someone who wants to speak with him. He was so confused and says okay who is it, then his girlfriend tension starts to sing for him and he recognized her fast.

After they greet each other Tsion directly goes to ask him she says ‘baby you know how much I love you, and I know you love me too. So, I want to ask you to Marry me’ And he was so surprised and shocked and even speechless. After he took some time he says ‘Yes I do sweetie even if u want let’s get married tomorrow’. That was the happy moment

Tsion, first woman who proposes on air got the acceptance of her boyfriend. Because of that, they get some gifts from different business center. Tsion bridal is giving her bridal gown and April makeup studio will also give her 12,000Birr makeup Package and 2000Birr gift card from Sara master bedroom. And plus for him Achare shoes Zed Barbery are sponsoring him.

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