Habesha Mother (comedy) Explains Her Sickness to American Doctor


Ethiopian Mother and Daughter at the Doctor’s Office

This Amharic language comedy skit is a humorous rendition of an Ethiopian motherly type who does not speak English, explaining her illness to a medical doctor in a foreign country.

The one comedian plays all the roles which include doctor, mother and daughter. The comedy skit is of the farce variety in which the personality of Ethiopian mothers is exaggerated and overstated for humorous effect.

The comic character Debebush is at the doctor’s office with her mother. As she is being interviewed the mother displays skepticism towards the doctor and talks about her life in general. She speaks about things like her large home in Ato Maru’s butchery in her neighborhood, her very brave ancestors, and is amazed at the doctor’s clinical questions. She superstitiously fears that she the doctor may create illness by asking about her different vital organs.

Mother Uses Complex Colloquial Speech Which is Hard to Translate

When the doctor mispronounces her name, Debebush, she playfully curses her saying ‘Satan Yedebdibish’. Debebush’s description of her ailment is especially colorful.

When she speaks of her back she describes carriers of heavy jute bags and uses Amahric specific metaphors and puns and vocabulary. The daughter’s difficulty in translating her mother’s colloquial speech into English is a good part of the humor.

Finally, the doctor a sensitive yet necessary question. “My last question is, is your mother sexually active.”

The mother reacts to this with great amazement at first, curses her and finally decides to leave. She playful throws water in her direction, which is a form of chastisement or purification in church rites.

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The first comic sketch begins with an amusing play on words. Ababa Tesfaye the iconic children’s television host of the 80s use to greet children in a certain way. He would say, ‘Tenastelen lejoch, yezara frewoch yenege abebawoch.’

 In this comedy sketch, the performer changes the last part to yezara injeraoch yenege dirkoshoch. This first statement means ‘greetings children today’s seed, tomorrow’s flowers. In this skit, the comedian says: ‘today’s injera, tomorrow’s dirkosh.’ Dirkosh is a dried variety of injera used to make a special type of Firfir (Ethiopian Food). 

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የተመረጡና ሰበር ዜናዎችን ያግኙ