Mogachoch: Ethiopian Series Drama Latest Episode 136


Mekdi Production’s Mogachoch is back again on its 136th episode. Fans are wondering what Rahel’s fate will be. She is extremely sick and needs a kidney transplant.

A donor has been found. Only the donor’s mother strictly forbids her and calls her daughter a moin. This is an Amharic word for meek or gullible.

Significantly, this episode presents a surprising twist as far as Rahel’s kidney transplant is involved. A character speaks in parables: “If I give a kidney and receive a heart I am making a profit.”


A new donor willing says he will give not one but two kidneys to the ailing woman. He is having an Absolute Vodka with a friend at a bar. Mogachoch presents a rich looking living room with gold designed furniture, and affluent people discuss money making and plot serious consequences their enemy. “I can swim out of the sea I swam into,” a father tells his son.

The discussion in the hospital corridors continues about Rahel’s kidney transplant. There is talk about Dr. Kokeb giving her kidney to someone, and her lover becomes very worried.

Mogachoch Writer, Wondeneh Kifle, Creates Rich Plot and Dialogue

All in all, Writer, Wondeneh Kifle really piles up the suspense as Rahel’s case becomes more perilous.

For one thing, no one wants her to be a kidney to her sister. This episode reveals the pressure someone can face when trying to be self-sacrificing to an unusual degree.

Another key point, we see dark Alleys and a man following another. “I will destroy you,” he says to himself hitting his car wheel in anger. Dr. Kokeb’s family increases the pressure on her.

Lastly, a woman discusses with her son. The topic is about his his future bride. The mother wants to select a wife for her husband herself. “I will choose a beautiful wife for you myself.”

Mogachoch Cast Members

Dereje Demeke Selamawit Aweke
Getahun Hailu Kidis Gebru
Yehenu Worku Debebesh Temesgen
Bahailu Mamo Alemeye Membere
Mahlet Solomon Melkamu Degu
Fekerte Desalign Elizabeth Asseru
Selamawit Demere Enoch Alemayeu (Wekeletis)
Hesan Arsemawit Solomon Tesfaye
Wolde Gabriel Hanna Brehanu
Kidist Bruck Desalegn Asamenew
Takele Wondemu (Commander) Wondesen Asegedew

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