Young Ethiopian Girl Who is Addicted to P0rn Shocked her Families

Addicted Porn

P0rnographic Addiction is a behavioral addiction which is characterized by watching, performing or keeping things that contain p0rnographic content like p0rn videos, pictures or magazines repetitively. It also involves an unhealthy relationship with sexual materials.
P0rnography addiction also has its side effects and symptoms

Nowadays many Youngsters are becoming victims of this addiction. This young girl is also a victim of p0rn addiction. She is grade 7 students that her name and her school hasn’t been mentioned for safety.

This girl was having may odd characters and. She was absent from class many times and her school try to contact her parents. But her families weren’t there for their daughter to communicate with the school. She was even got suspended and had been punished so many time.

As the Director of the school stated that her behavior was very different from others student, she stays too long in the toilet and using sexual words and many more.
This young girl was engaging in social media which only they talk about p0rn and sexual things. She is also a member of this group and was sharing nude pictures and videos of herself and others.

The incident happens when her mother looks at her phone and watch a video of her daughter involving in sec activities. Her mother fainted and fall down and her father got fully polarize.

The mother is still in a comma. The journalist went to the girl’s school and talk the director and about this girl and if there are other students involving in such kinds of situation and the director answers ‘we try to communicate her parents before all these things happened but they didn’t volunteer to come and have a conversation about their daughter. If they were here by the time this all trauma might not happen’

It’s true that parents have a great role in their kid’s life they must check every movement of their children to protect them from such things. Sending them to school is not the only job, knowing how the day went, asking them what they do what they learn and also having a strong communication with their school is mandatory.