Welafen: Ethiopian Series Drama Latest Episode 36 Season 4


Welafen is in its 4th Season and Going Strong

Welafen continues as one of the most successful tv films in Ethiopia now. As usual, show begins with the short recap of the last episode.

Firstly, Mekebe sits alone brandishing a gun in the dark. In this situation, he is talking on the phone with Samri He threatens to kill everyone around her one by one.

Secondly, we go to a scene where Samri’s colleague and friend give her good advice. “I do not like that you are the managing director of this company at a time like this.” Samri doesn’t quite understand why this is.


In any event, her rivals are not happy with her inquiring nature. “A new shepherd does not let the cattle sleep,” says the ex-managing director. Next, as they talk about her Mekdi walks in. To be sure, much of the drama revolves around Samri’s new position in the company. Her character is played by Helen Bedlu, who is a rising star in Ethiopian film.

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She has enemies who work in the background to keep her from achieving her majority owner status of the company. To illustrate, the ex-managing director and her co-worker agree to make her the new boss with bad intentions.

Welafen Filmed in Real Life Establishments and Settings

On another note, a scene in Welafen’s 36nd episode unravels inside the Sabon Hotel. This is a real hotel and opened near airport lower down from Edna Mall not too long ago. Samir is busy at work with her staff at  Sabon hotel restaurant table. She signs checks and does paperwork on a table covered with Ethiopian mineral water and Habesha beer.

Welafen’s hacker duo continue to worry about the backup and consider their Plan B and other options. Bisrat and his associate are making money from their scheme. The character played by Samir Ali gives rages at his Bisrat in this episode. 

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This episode Welafen has a varied array of settings. For instance, a kitchen, the Only Boutique, Sabon hotel, a corporate office and more. Transitions between scenes are sometimes made smoother by high definition shoots of Addis Ababa’s city landscapes, as in other episodes.