Betoch “Federation” Ethiopian Series Drama Latest Episode 196


Betoch: Federation: For the Love of Sports

Betoch’s writer, Tesfa Neda, has prepared a timely and relevant script this week. The focus on football mania, or the extreme love of sports. The title of this Betoch episode refers to the Ethiopian Sports Federation. The recent election was in the news and has been disputed by many.

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Millions of Ethiopians and Africans, in general, are enjoying European Premiere League football games. Many in Ethiopia have favorites in terms of teams and players, and this sometimes goes to excess. The likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have captured the imagination of millions.


Zeru, the father in Betoch, is frustrated with his study partner who loves football and can’t stop talking about it. “Even when I eat, it reminds him of how Ronaldo chews,” he tells his wife, in angst. His son also a bit of football hooliganism as he tries to break up a fight between fans of two different teams.

Another conflict begins with Sashe, the housekeeper of Betoch’s family, as she sits and prepares collard greens (Kosta). In general, she argues with a household member about a missing item. At this time, she puts forward an interesting and humorous set of housekeeper rules, something of a lost and found policy.

Betoch and Laugh Tracks

This Ethiopian tv sitcom is unique in that has laugh tracks. Laugh tracks involve adding recorded audience laughter to increase humor. In many ways, this adds to the overall entertaining value of Betoch and other similar comic shows and is a relatively new introduction in Ethiopia. This innovation originates in America during the 1950s.

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Watch Betoch “Federation” episode to see how Zeru and his family handle the ups and downs they face due to football mania in their neighborhood.

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