Min Addis Interview with Artist Hamelmal Abate


Before three weeks Musician Hamelmal Abate was a nominee for All Africa Music Award and was a guest on jossy Min Addis show, now she is a winner and comes back with her trophy to the show again. Here is what they discussed about.

Jossy starts by congratulating her and remind her about his prophecy that she will win and they will meet again. Then he asks her how she feels about her winning, she says ‘honestly am still so happy because I wasn’t expecting this they’re a lot of famous musicians and artist, when they cheer for them in my heart, I was saying that my competition is with this all celebrities my chance is so small to win. And being a nominee is also winning by itself because you’re chosen from all those artists in Africa. Then when they start announcing the category being nominated at which is Best Traditional Music, my heart was pumping so fast and when they say ‘the winner is Hamelmal Abate’ I couldn’t believe that’s even my name I don’t even know how I stand up and how I walk to the stage.’

After that he asked her what she said on the stage, she replies’ well I thank everybody especially my daughters, my promoters and all Ethiopians who voted for me. I also ask the audience to pray for Ethiopia because of the situation we are at now. Then finally I shouted this is for Ethiopia and get off the stage.
When she explains about her stay in Nigeria she stated that ‘they were not well organized they took too long to send my ticket I was supposed to go there on Friday to perform because I was selected as superstar artist from Africa but, they send me my ticket on Saturday. Because of they were too late to send the ticket the other three Ethiopian nominees wasn’t attending the Ceremony me and Henok Mehari was able to get there, and even in the airport they too long to come and get us. Many artists were very mad and complaining but I didn’t say nothing just waited in patient.’

In agreement with that, the best thing about Afrima is that you get an opportunity to meet up with many celebrities with different culture and style. She mentioned that she gets a chance to know other artists who she can collaborate with.
There was a rumor that the music she was nominated at isn’t traditional and some people were complaining and gossiping about that. Jossy mentioned that and she answers, ‘for those who think my music isn’t traditional I suggest you watch the video again. When we made that video, we started from Debre Zeit to Harar and we tried to show everything that reminds you of childhood and memories you had in there.’


Finally, when she talks about the welcoming ceremony she had, she brought up that there were many artists her family’s and her daughters were at the airport to welcome her. But as the trophy represent Ethiopia some authority should be there too because when the artists are doing all they can to their country, and the authority the government who is concerned about this like culture and tradition minister, tourism minister and the society should do the same to big up and to support them.