Min Addis? Interview with Commander Abebe Mulugeta

Min Addis? Interview with Commander Abebe Mulugeta

Commander Abebe Mulugeta

Kidneys help to filter our blood and remove toxins and send toxins to our bladder. Then later the toxins will be removed during urination. Kidney failure is a medical condition when your kidney stops working or when it loses its ability to clean waste from our blood adequately. This can lead to kidney failure and even death. The symptoms include loss of appetite, feeling tired, a reduce amount of urine, swelling of legs and likewise.

Loss of blood flow to the kidneys, dehydration, Urine elimination problems, damage to the nerves that control your bladder, and too much of drugs and alcohol could be the main cause of kidney failure.

Commander Journalist Abebe Mulugeta was a journalist and a host of a program Police and community he had been working In Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation(EBC) for a long time. But for the last two years, he has been suffering from kidney failure. As he explains about his sickness ‘when I have the disease I didn’t know I was sick at all there was no sign. By that time, you know I was a hard worker and very active to prepare the program that I host. So, I didn’t give much attention to myself. Time to time I start to lose weight, no appetite for food and getting tired easily. And when my wife realized that i’m losing so much weight she took me to the hospital and they told me that my kidneys are failed. They also said that I have to start dialysis ASAP.’

‘Then for one year and three or four months I was using dialysis after that I have to move to St. Paul Hospital for the kidney transplant. Fortunately, there was a Professor who comes from Michigan University, he did my transplant successfully. Now Thank God I am much better than before.’

Nowadays Kidney failure is become excessed in every country. Even in our country Ethiopia there are a lot of people suffering from the pain.
The kidney transplant was given outside Ethiopia but now St Paul Hospital starts doing it here in our country.

Commander Abebe speaks from his Experian’s he said that ‘doing a check-up before you get sick and stays on the bed is very important matter because if you find out earlier what your problem is you will be able to find a solution sooner. Plus donating a kidney is really a blessing thing to do people are afraid of doing that because they think that they will die too. But it’s not the reality the fact is you can live with one kidney as healthy as you were before all you have to do is follow your health and take a good care of yourself.’

He also gives his best thanks to all of Ethiopian people who were there for him, who visited him, those who stay by his side, his wife and most of all his brother who gives him his kidney.