New Episode of Ayer Bayer Part 12 is Here


Ayer Bayer’s Asrade Recovers and Gains Ground

In the recap of the last episode, Worku is in a hospital bed on the verge of death is crowded by doctors. They check his vital signs. Then, the dramatic announcement by one of the medical team, “He’s dead”. They are perplexed because his health was improving. Next, Worku death is being discussed with a doctor and Asrade, the shrewd lead character played by Yohannes Tegene. Asrade claims to know how Worku died.

In the last episode, Asrade is disarmed and he gets his arm broken by someone. Later the doctor, played by the actor  Dawit Assefa is later shown his son by Asrade who is confused. “What do you want with a child?” he asks Asrade. “Haven’t you heard it said that the big fish can be caught with smaller ones?” Asrade asks in true Machiavellian fashion.

Asrade is manipulating the doctor through his wife, Tekdem and his young son. Tekdem’s character is played by Fitsum Abera. “Who is calling you,” the son asks. Tekdem responds with frustration and anger, caused, possibly by Asrade’s interference in her family life.


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Ayer Bayer: Violence and Intrigue on Many Fronts

Anteneh Assefa’s character has a Gejera, heavy-duty cleaver butcher’s knife,  he tells girl over the phone that he is going to do some damage. In this episode we will see how that turns out. Based on past experience you can expect some comic relief from him and his associates.  

Asrade is plotting on many fronts.Menkir, Surafel Tegaye’s character and Meron Gezahegn’s character are still embroiled in their fake marriage arrangement in which Asrade has a hand.  Bruck Teshome’s character is busy spying on Menkir and his recent wife, his next door neighbors as usual.

This Ayer Bayer episode receives many plot complications from the last and previous episodes. Enjoy this and other tv films on DireTube.

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