New Ethiopian Comedy Talent Show TV Series Launched  


Young comedian, Zedo Zhebelaw starts up this program by introducing the launch of a one of a kind Ethiopian comedy talent show.  Million Shewangizaw Film Production collaborates with LTV to present a host of unknown comic talent from around Ethiopia.

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A panel of judges looks on as the first comic talent takes the stage. Shewa Deneke is the first to takes the stage. Shewa focuses on his own face and, interestingly, tells anecdotes about monkeys at the Nech Sar park mistaking him for their great-grandfather.

Panel of 4 Judges Assess Each Comedian

Although some of the judges are writers and from the literature world most are professional comedians. Sentaew Kifle, is a professional Comedian. Negusu Getachew is a literature and arts academic. Azmeraw Mulusew, a comedian. Solomon Tesfaye is a writer and story teller.

The judges give short assessments of the amateur comedians performance, sometimes making jokes themselves in the process. For instance, Solomon Tesfaye encourages the first contestant and says he likes his performance all in all. “A comedian is someone that can make jokes about himself,” he explains. Outside of this, Solomon tells him to incorporate additional jokes, for instance, jokes from the Arba Minch area. On the other hand, Asmeraw discourages him from wearing the traditional clothing.

The Azmari entertains panel of judges, audiences, and contestants with timely rhymes and humorous observations.

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Amare Demissie from Hawassa is second in line after  Shewa Deneke, the comedian from Arbaminch.  He calmly relates his jokes about two men who discuss buying a donkey and a car. A professional comedian, Bethlehem Getachew, begins the evaluation of the four-panel judges.

She encourages Amare for being easy going and not having any visible signs of stage fright. But she sort of goads him to add more skits and humor and wonders why he decided to show up in slippers. Another one of the judges, Meteku Demisse,  thanks to him for attending and also guides him about giving an intro and increasing his repertoire of jokes.All the judges seem to like his voice.

Enjoy the many more comedians that appear on this  premiere episode of the Ethiopian Comedy Talent

People that want to compete in this comedy talent show  are invited to call in: +251 911 86 06 34 and +251 966 71 00 20

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