Egypt Terrorist Attack Leaves more than 200 People Dead


The recent Egypt terrorist attack has left more than 200 people dead and dozens injured. The victims of the incident had gathered in a mosque to worship when the unfortunate happened. The incident happened on Friday at Sufi mosque in North Sinai.

Shooting worshippers

According to reliable witnesses, the terrorists drove into the mosque with a four-wheel drive just like usual worshippers. They then alighted and spread explosive devices in the mosque and immediately started shooting the worshippers. Realizing the place was no longer safe, the worshippers tried to flee but the majority were shot dead. Dozens of them, however, escaped with serious injuries.

The local and international media houses have termed the Egypt terrorist attack as the worst ever in Egypt. The heinous incident has been condemned with the strongest terms possible as messages of condolences start streaming in.

Curbing terrorism

Ethiopia on its part has called on the international community and other human rights groups to help curb terrorism. A source by Hailemariam Dessalegn, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister says the Egypt terrorist attack is regrettable. He also assured the affected families Ethiopia’s solidarity at this difficult moment.

A similar but less severe Egypt terrorist attack occurred last year December which left more than six people dead. The incident happened at a tourist attraction site commonly known as Pyramid of Giza.

Explosion from rubbish bin

Reliable sources indicated that the deadly explosion emanated from a rubbish bin located near Cairo on the way to Giza. The attraction site is one of the most attractive sites and earns the country utmost revenue every year. Majority of those who died are said to be police officers and other civilian employees working at the site.

Usually, terrorists’ claims responsibility immediately after the attack but there was no such a case in this particular incident.

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