Ethiopia Electricity Program Set to Benefit the Marginalized


Ethiopia electricity program, which is set to benefit the rural and marginalized communities, is hereby underway. The total cost for the entire project till completion is more than $350. This will boost rural electrification and improvement of rural lives.

Seven years

According to the laid down plan, the program will be spread out in the next seven years. It’s a program funded in collaboration with the World Bank with an aim of improving Ethiopian livelihoods. In addition, the program is set to create job opportunities for youths.

In the recent past, the country has been experiencing challenges of power blackouts due to power shortages. As a result, the Ethiopia electricity program is set to harness renewable power sources from wind, solar and water. Seleshi Bekele, Ethiopia Minister for Water affirmed that the recent power challenges would soon be a thing of the past. The program was launched by Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn on Monday this week. Desalegn remained hopeful on the benefits the project is set to create especially in the job sector.

Over $200 million

The first phase of this Ethiopia electricity project began way back in 2012 with a more than $200 million. The money was sourced from the International Development Association after the approval of the World Bank. The basic agenda of the program was to increase affordability to the rural citizenry and have cost-effective services. Since then, the Government of Ethiopia has not looked back into taking the same plan a notch higher. As a result, more than 45% of rural towns have been benefiting from affordable electricity supply.

Established in 1960

The International Development Association was established in 1960 and is owned by the World Bank. The Association majorly focuses in assisting the poorest countries by extending loans and grants meant for development. More than 100 countries in Africa have benefited as well.

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