South Korea Boosts Ethiopia in Building Expressways


Ethiopia is set to get a major assistance in building more expressways from South Korea government. The project, when complete, will be a great milestone for Ethiopia. This would be in addition to other existing modern infrastructure.

Expressway projects underway

According to reliable sources, a delegation led by the minister for transport, Ahmed Shide, visited South Korea over the matter. The visit has born fruits prompting the visit of the Korea Expressway Corporation managing director into the country. His visit is set to focus on various expressway projects planned to boost a milestone in economic development.

The Korea Expressway Corporation managing director has however insisted that more Korean experts should be included in the project. Their inclusion would help offer planning, financial and technical assistance.

Bilateral relationship

The relationship between the two nations started way back in 1951. At this time, Ethiopia sent more than 6000 army troops to help fight the Korean War which ended in 1953. Since then, an expanse bilateral relationship between Ethiopia and South Korea bosomed. The two allies have focused on various sectors like social, economic, political and cultural.

South Korea president visit

To fasten the tie harder, South Korea President Park Geun-Hye, visited Ethiopia in 2016 for the first time. Her visit focused on launching a crucial monetary program called ‘Korea Aid’. The finances donated cater for important issues like education, nutrition, and health. The program has also enabled Ethiopia to achieve most of its goals anchored in the stipulated SDGs.
In addition, the tie between the two countries has fueled into transforming Ethiopia from agrarian to industrialized nation. The transformation has thus boosted a rapid economic development in the last fifty years. Ethiopia has also ranked among the best African countries with dynamic democracies. However, other sectors set to improve holistic development in Ethiopia are yet to be streamlined.

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