Ethiopia Migrants in Saudi Arabia Deported


Over 1,000 immigrants living in Saudi Arabia have been deported following an expanse crackdown. According to the government of Saudi Arabia, there live dozens of immigrants in the country. Some of them entered the country illegally while others’ residential documents expired a long time.

Half cost ticket

A statement by the Ethiopian government confirmed the government’s commitment to repatriate its citizenry into the country. The government has been paying half the cost of the air ticket to willing Ethiopia migrants. As a result, more than 145,000 immigrants have returned home. One of the government officials, Demeke Atinafu, confirmed other measures put in place to make the task of repatriation successful. He also said the efforts are in collaboration with the Saudi Arabia government.

Ethiopia migrants persecution

The Saudi Arabia government has added that it would prosecute some of the unruly Ethiopia migrants. Such would also include some nationals from other countries with questionable records. However, those without any criminal record would be repatriated back to their respective countries.

Before the recent crackdown by the Saudi Arabia government on Ethiopia migrants, an order had been issued. Only a few responded to it by leaving the country. Most of the immigrants legally and illegally staying in the country leave their motherlands in search of greener pastures. However, most of them end up in doing petty jobs like cleaning and babysitting. However, some of the immigrants land into the hands of generous employees while others into cruel hands.

Entrepreneurship sector

A reliable source indicates that getting a white-collar job in Saudi Arabia has become a daydream. Most of the fresh graduates from universities and colleges have thus found an alternative in the entrepreneurship sector. This is in spite of the quality education offered in the higher education sector. Most students graduate with engineering and computer science degrees.

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