Intoxicated Ethiopian Embassy Accused of Incitement


Ethiopian Embassy official, suspected of calling a war between Ethiopia and Turkey is under investigation. The official was arrested after causing two accidents on one of the highways as he drove home. After requested to take an alcohol test, the official turned violent threatening to call a war between Ethiopia and Turkey.

Drunk driving
According to one of the victims of the accident, the Ethiopian Embassy official was carelessly driving. He looked like he was under the influence of alcohol. He, however, denied taking the alcohol test because it was obvious he was guilty of the offense.
The relationship between Ethiopia and turkey began in 1896. This was after Turkey opened its embassy in Ethiopia in 1912 while Turkey reciprocated the same in 1933. The Ethiopian Embassy in Turkey was however closed in 1984 following the Communist Derg regime. It was later opened in 2006.

Ties flourishing
Since 2006, the Ethiopian Turkey diplomatic relations have been flourishing over the years with a few grey areas. The relations have seen the establishment of the Turkish Airlines with mutual official and unofficial visits. In addition, Turkey has started numerous technical aid programs thus strengthening the ties further.
Turkey has also established numerous firms in Ethiopia which have created numerous job opportunities for Ethiopia citizenry. The relationship between the two countries has also been strengthened by international trade. Turkey on its part has been exporting various items like chemical products, shoes, vegetable oil, leather products etc. Turkey has also been the main supplier of electrical machines and other metallic items.

Additionally, turkey has gone ahead to improve academic status in Ethiopia. This has been through the provision of academic scholarships to Ethiopians. They include both undergraduate and postgraduate based on various academic disciplines. Indeed, the diplomatic ties between the two countries have been admirable by everyone.

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