Tigray Liberation Front Acquires New Leadership


The Tigray Liberation Front has selected an executive committee of nine members who will oversee the party’s activities. The new members are expected to streamline the party’s functions. Among the nine members are the chair Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael and his deputy Woiezero Fetlework Gebregziabher.

Disciplinary measures
The Tigray Liberation Front has also warned a few members and taken disciplinary measures against three members. In addition, two members have been demoted while one has been suspended until the next sitting. The suspended member, Abay Woldu, has been the president of Tigray state.

The new committee has been viewed as a great milestone for the party after a long-standing disagreement. Gebremichael members on one side and Woldu followers on the other. The new elected committee is also well balanced in terms of gender, religion, and age.

Founding pillar
Gebremichael has been among the founding fathers of the Tigray Liberation Front. He has been on record for voluntary sacrificial moves in 1970’s. The most outstanding was abandoning his academics at the university to take a role in its formation. After the party worn, Gebremichael went back to school to finish his studies at Addis Ababa University. He, however, retained his job in the government while in university. He later furthered his education to acquire a master’s degree. After graduating with a master’s degree, he enrolled for a Ph.D. course in communication and technology at Capella University.

Two government positions
Gebremichael has served in various government positions like the Ethiopian Information and Communication Development Agency as the director. In the meantime, he holds two government positions. He is the minister for Communication and Information Technology as well as the deputy prime minister.
The party is part and parcel of the key government parties. It has a massive wealth and controls key government sectors like security and intelligence.

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