Zenash Gezmu, Champion Marathon, Found Dead in Paris


Zenash Gezmu, the Ethiopian marathon champion, has been found dead in Paris. Gezmu, who has been staying alone in a rented house in Neuilly-sur-Marne, was 27 years old. She left her country to Paris basically to seek refuge after disagreeing with the government at home.

Zenash Gezmu screamed

According to her neighbors, there was a scuffle between two people at night. The screams, however, lasted for a few minutes thus prompting no one to rush to rescue. It is believed Zenash Gezmu was killed at the time she screamed. Her body, which had several scars, was surrounded by numerous trophies and medals.

Suspect arrested

After a spirited investigation by the police, a 28-year-old man has been arrested. The man, who is an Eritrean, has admitted committing the crime. The police are also looking Gezmu’s next of keen. Reliable sources have it that Gezmu has a biological brother in London who the police are trying to come into contact with.

A close confidant with Zenash Gezmu in Paris said the renowned marathon champion was a single lady. She also kept looking for someone to hook up within marriage. The confidant also said that Gezmu always woke up early in the morning to run. She would later go for petty jobs like cleaning hotels to eke out a living.

Six years away

Zenash Gezmu, who fled her country six years ago, is not the first one to seek refuge outside the country. Feyisa Lilesa, a champion marathon in 2015 Rio Olympic Games, feared to return home for fear of persecution. His action of crossing his hands above his head as he crossed the finishing line could have landed him in trouble. By then, the gesture was interpreted as an act of incitement to his Oromo Community against the government.

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