“Silenced Suffering” Short Movie by Fitsum Asfaw


Yetafene Himem “Silenced Suffering” is a short movie produced by Fitsum Asfaw. The movie is played by young actress Rahel Engida and Actor Biruk Omar. Rahel and Biruk are currently competitors in a TV show called Yemaleda Kokeboch/ Morning Stars. Morning stars is a popular TV show that brings new talents to the Ethiopian movie industry.

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The movie “Silenced Suffering” written by Fitsum Asfaw has tried to bring prevalent but silenced issues of women in the country.

The short movie starts with a focus on a pleasant couple having a noticeable good mood sitting down in a restaurant and discussing some issue. As the main actor tries to kiss the girl she jumps out of her seat and left the restaurant.

The second Scene starts in a house with the woman sighing, crying and panicking.

Her Boy friend/Binyam showed up a moment later to the house and tries to calm her down and comfort her/Maki. However, Maki doesn’t seem to be comfortable and appreciating his gesture. She even shouted at him saying

“Don’t touch me!”

A hot discussion follows between Maki and Binyam.

Binyam insists on convincing Maki to tell him what’s going on. No matter how much she try to avoid him and remain to suffer in silence, Binyam persists in having his girlfriend tell her story.

In the meantime Binyam expresses his disappointment that she always offends him and hurt his feelings whenever he tries to be more passionate and loving.  It was very hard to have Maki open up and discuss what’s bothering her. Binyam finally gave up and carry his backpack to leave the house.

That’s when maki would show some sort of interest as she blocks his way out.

“Why are you leaving me? Did I bother you by making you involved in my personal issues?  Did I ever give you any kind of a hard time except for keeping my pain to my self and crying in silence? “ She continues

“Ok if I ever hurt your feelings, here is my apology, I am sorry” Maki pleads. But Binyam seemed not to be content with her apology. He insisted on her sharing her suffering. He told her that if she were not sharing her pain then he would leave.

The couple continued their verbal altercation. Maki states that every individual on earth has some sort of hidden and ignored pain.  She asks why is it so big deal if she can as well keep her sufferings to herself?

Binyam wouldn’t give up, instead, he told her if she is not sharing her stories he rather leaves her than suffer.

After a lot of convincing Maki started to share what’s going on. She admitted that she is very scared of men because of an incident that has happened when she was just 12 years old. She told him that she was raped by her caregiver/uncle. She said she has been suffering in silence since that incident until now. She begged her boyfriend to understand and stand by her. She highlighted on the importance of his support to end her ongoing pain that’s eating up her poor heart.

የተመረጡና ሰበር ዜናዎችን ያግኙ