Zeritu Kebede Ethiopian Female Pop Star’s Apology


The pop music star apologized to her fans in Atlanta for not singing enough to meet the demands of her fans and her promoters.

According to Shukshukta program of Admass Radio, the pop star apologized for her low-rated Thanksgiving concert in Atlanta.

The controversial artist admitted her shortcomings on social media and gave her words that she will make it up for her fans sooner or later.

Zeritu Kebede and Promotors

Her promoters stated that even though Zeritu was given ample time to be on stage and got paid well, she refrained from making her fans happy by limiting her appearance on stage to less than 35 minutes. Zeritu was expected to sing more on the concert but she showed up on the stage only for four songs, the Radio stated.


The Radio further revealed the pop star has started to have problems with her promoters four days before the show.

According to sources, the artist was in agreement with her promoters KMF promotions to be on stage for up to 45 minutes and get paid $3000.00. However, in the eleventh hour, the artist came up with a new demand asking her promoters to be paid $6000.00.

She also warned the promoters that she wouldn’t show up at the concert if the show were going to be staged in a hookah place/Shisha Place.

She further demanded KMF to let her have her choice of the band which should go to Washington DC for rehearsal before flying to Atlanta.

KMF promotions had no choice other than paying her $6000.00 since the show has been announced and all the necessary preliminary payments and arrangements have been finalized, it was learned.

Admass Radio announced despite all the odds, Zeritu Kebede didn’t deny her shortcoming. She took an initiative to make her voices heard through social media and apologized to her fans saying “ I WII MAKE IT UP “

የተመረጡና ሰበር ዜናዎችን ያግኙ