Former Prime Minister Aklilu Habtewold Commemorated!


The late Prime Minister Aklilu Habtewold serving Ethiopia during Haileselasie’s regime has been commemorated in Addis, Ras Hotel.

His Excellency the late Aklilu Habtewold has been killed along with his brother and other higher gov’t officials by the former regime in 1967 EC.


The late Prime Minister also served as Tsehafi Teezaz/Minister of Pen has served his country since he was 19 years old and was educated in Paris, France and Cairo, Egypt.

Journalist Ezra Ejigu has published and launched two Audiovisual CD’s displaying the contribution of the Minister during his time in office.

Ezra stated that it took him over two years to prepare the CD’s. He added that the CD’s are composed of speeches and videos of the late Minister.