Environment-friendly products making Millions!


Misgana G/Egziabhere, a young girl turning her dreams into reality through creative investment in shoemaking business.  

Owner-founder, Misgana explains that she started to have interest in shoemaking when she was a student. She said, her older brother was involved in shoemaking business when she was very young.

After observing the struggle of her brother, she started to think how she could bring a difference through creative thinking. She said that she was very interested in designing too that paves a way for her in taking a step towards shoemaking. She explains that she started the business with few 100Birrs.

Her Business now makes millions and she is currently exporting some of her products. Misgana is aiming at expanding her workshop into a large factory and eventually entering the global market. She explains that she has tried to make a difference in encouraging her customers to be involved in bringing raw material to their own shoe.

Misgana states that her products are environment-friendly. She is not using any chemical, which is a hazard to the environment, and all her products are handmade. She stated that as she is using leftover fabrics that she collects from Sofa/couch making workshops, in addition to other fabrics. She uses used car tires to make soles for her shoes.

Encouraging her customers to bring old jeans pants to turn it into a pair of shoe, Misgana gives a good discount for those customers who bring their old jeans pants.   Misgana said that she has received several certificates and awards from the Bazars she is been participating.


የተመረጡና ሰበር ዜናዎችን ያግኙ