Bereket Belayneh Playwright of popular stage drama Eyayu Fengus


Bereket Belayneh stated that his popular one-man show has been onstage in the country for over three years.

He added that his drama is now considered to be the first full-time one-man show in Ethiopia theatre history. He. However, admitted that there were some one-man shows staged by other writers before his popular drama. Bereket said that the show was also played in the US in 15 states and has received similar popularity.  


He also joked about the amount of US dollars he made while in the US. Bereket, 34 said that he has been rewritten and added new lines and stories to the drama since it’s the first edition.

Eyayu Fengus is considered to be a satiric comedy picking on and making fun of the shortcomings of the ruling party currently running the country.