Guzo – Lambadina Award Winning Ethiopian Movie


Mesay Getahun spoke with Jossy’s show about his award-winning movie Journey Lambadina.  Producer Mesay Getahun said that this movie has been in the cinemas in America for the past 12 months.

Guzo Lambadina has participated in various film festivals and won six best movie awards, he said. The producer who grew up in the United States said that he has tried his best to make the movie likable to American as well as Ethiopian moviegoers.

His movie will be launched next week. Guzo Lambadina will be in Alem Cinema, Sebastopol, Edna Mall, Adot and Vandas cinemas very soon.

Mesay Getahun said it took him two years just to write the script. He said some of the soundtracks in the movie are original while some are from Sony studios. He said he obtained permission from the copyrighted owners for using the Sony’s soundtracks. He said that he believes Guzo Lambadina is bringing some novel idea to the Ethiopian movie industry.

Three producers participated in the production of the movie, he reminded and shared that he did the final editing. The producer bragged about his computer graphics knowledge that helped him in editing his movie. He has BA in Computer Graphics. Mesay Getahun says he lived in the United States since he was seven and that he wrote this movie with a plan in mind to introduce and promote Ethiopia to the world.

Guzo Lambadina costs over one hundred thousand US dollar the producer said.

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