Musician Halima Abdurahman Lost 11 KG for an upcoming Music Video


In an interview with Tadias Addis Halima Abdurahman said that she lost eleven Kilo Grams to look good on her recently released music video “Essey”.


She said that her music director Sintayehu insisted and encouraged her to lose some weight before shooting the video. Eating right and physical exercise helped a lot to lose her weight she remarked.

To the surprise of Tadias Addis hosts, she said that it took her less than two months to lose 11 Kg.

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Her single music video “Essey” has been very popular since it’s release a month ago.
She said she is been invited to show a concert in several Middle Eastern countries as well as Europe and Canada following the release of her single music video. She said the whole crew went above and beyond to come up with the best music video when they were working on “ Essey ”.

Halima was born and raised in Addis around Quas Meda. Halima has previously released two albums and she already started working on her third Album she told Tadias Addis.

የተመረጡና ሰበር ዜናዎችን ያግኙ