Abadula Gemeda’s Resignation Accepted


Abadula Gemeda resignation request has finally been accepted by Ethiopia’s ruling party.  The high ranking EPRDF member who was the Speaker of the House of People’s Representatives since 2010 had tendered his resignation on October 7, 2017.  Minister of Information, Negeri Lencho (Ph.D.) made a statement at the time stating that Abadula Gemeda resignation request was under review.

Prior to his role as speaker of the House of People’s Representative, Abadula Gemeda has served in such high profile roles as Minister of Defense and regional president of the Oromia region. The Oromia region is the largest and most populous part of Ethiopia. Recently violent unrest has sparked in various parts of Oromia. 
The 59-year-old politician is the top ranking member of the EPRDF coalition to submit such a resignation, and back in October, he has said that he will reveal the reasons behind his resignation once his move is approved.  

However, in subsequent remarks to the Oromia Broadcasting service, the politician cited ‘disrespect to his ethnic group’ as one of the causes behind his move.

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Abadula’s Resignation is Accepted Amidst Disturbances in Oromia Somalia Border

The acceptance of his resignation comes in the midst of dozens of deaths in the Oromia and Somali regions. Offical sources have confirmed that at least 61 have died in the Oromia region.
In addition, the Oromia and Amhara regions have witnessed unprecedented protests in the past two years. This was followed by a state of emergency throughout the country and various. In addition, cabinet reshuffles and various other government measures have resulted.
Abadula Gemeda is, perhaps the most, influential figure in the Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO) which is part of the alliance that forms the Ethiopian ruling party. He is also a founding member.  

He took part in the recent parliamentary boycott regarding the security crisis in Oromia region.
Another high profile resignation in the past 3-months is that of Bereket Simon, the one-time Communication Minister and major figure.

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