Eneteykat – (Amharic Drama Comedy Movie 2017) Diretube Review


Eneteyekat is am Amharic comedy-drama that has a neighborhood feel somewhat similar to the classic 1995 comedy/drama Friday.

Endeshaw, the lead character runs a plumbing company calling Fitawrari Plumbing Works. Endeshaw encounters an unlikely adventure and romance as he is working in a rich man’s house. His father (Mekonnen Lake) dramatically comes to his aid. Enteykat brings you lots of modern Amharic witticisms and jokes as well as action and adventure.

Endeshaw’s new plumbing company is named after an Ethiopian aristocratic title of which his father is very proud. The father is also called Fitawrari, because of his attachment to this rank of a former age.


The funny comic routines begin with Endeshaw’s friend, Mekonnen, and co-worker. Mekonnen relishes making fun of  Endeshaw’s old Fiat 127. Together the two are at work providing plumbing services to their customers. Endeshaw’s friend quips about the car’s age, saying it deserves numerous retirement benefits. At every turn, Entekeykat delivers humorous witticisms and jokes.

Much of the drama begins at a rich importer’s house where Endeshaw and Mekonnen are doing a plumbing job. They are both infatuated with the beautiful Maki, the homeowner’s daughter. However, they dread the cheeky housekeeper’s who insults and slights them from the start. 


Fitwari wants his son to start a family and continue the family line. 

Meanwhile, Endeshaw and Mokay’, short for Mekonnen, face the hardships of starting a small business. For instance, Mekonnen feels very disrespected when a young lady he opens the door for mistakes him for a guard and then tells him it is a step up from being a plumber.  Nevertheless, the two plumbers still dream of making it big one day.

Endeshaw and Moke’ Face Off Against Basha the Neighborhood Gangster

Things take a turn for the worst when Mekonnen tells Basha about a pile of money he saw at the Maki’s house. Basha is a neighborhood villain and thief.

On another front, Maki’s friend is conspiring with her new boyfriend against her. She deceives Maki by renting an expensive BMW for the boyfriend so he can put up a false front.

Mokey’ deeply regrets his involvement in Basha’s plot and works with Endeshaw to correct the situation.

Enjoy this Edaga Hamus Production.

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