An Atmosphere of Fear at Kulubi Gebriel


Yohannes G/Egziabhere talks with Negash Mohammed of DW about the general atmosphere at Kulubi St. Gebriel Church Annual Celebration.

He says, “There were a lot of armed forces. There were armored vehicles and tanks as well. There were not so many Christians as expected due to fear of violence and the dire consequence on civilians.”

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“There used to be a lot of Ethiopian Orthodox Christians going to the Celebration in December every year”

“ Young people aged 13 to 14 were blocking roads on the way to Kulubi Gebriel”

“The general atmosphere was fear. Drivers were complaining about the failure of Ethiopian security forces to ensure peace and security.”

“Some drivers even said that they might go on a demonstration”

“ The people have lost trust on the government. There is a growing concern of lack of peace and stability.” Report