Internet Cut offs affecting Ethiopia


Internet connection is not available outside of Addis. Internet will be cut off for any reason in the country for any reason.

If student’s block roads internet will be shut down, if activists voice their concern, the internet will be shut down, if the weather doesn’t look better internet will be shut down etc.

Internet will work this minute and won’t work the next one. Telecom is supposed to provide us with better services. We didn’t sign an agreement to get interrupted services. Not knowing it’s inadequate services, telecom has been given an international award.

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The Minster of communication and information Ministry has vowed to have no more Internet connection problem in the country, but he was not able to keep his words. We still suffer from Internet cut-offs. There is no Internet connection almost in every part of the country except Addis.

Every entity, which has depended on an Internet connection for normal and successful, functioning, has been affected in a condition where there is no responsible body for the damage.

Even those organizations that have signed a deal with Facebook to promote and communicate with customers have been affected. People are complaining about going back to the old communications era where we use post offices for communication. We are not able to send an e-mail using our cell phones. Nobody is taking responsibility but this should stop.

We need our uninterrupted internet connection. Report

የተመረጡና ሰበር ዜናዎችን ያግኙ