EPRDF Executive Committee Full Statement – Dec 30, 2017


EPRDF’s Press Release

The Executive Committee of EPRDF has started to review the undertakings of the deep renewal process, which took effect since last year.

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EPRDF’s has a long history and culture of reviewing its programs to evaluate its failures and success. Based on the evaluations EPRDF would rectify its shortcomings if there were any. Accordingly, a meeting has been held since December 12th to evaluate the party’s current situation. The deliberation includes former members.

EPRDF is a party striving for change. EPRDF believes that change starts within the party, and so EPRDF holds regular meetings to evaluate its activities and to make sure the party stands in a better shape. Currently, Ethiopia is registering fast economic growth. Our people, as well as the international community, have witnessed this fact.

EPRDF would work to bring a lasting solution to the problems we are facing these days such as good governance, development, and peace. The party has conferred in detail regarding the causes of the problems. EPRDF members are now on the same page and working in agreement and together. Having similar stance would lead to similar actions. Thus, EPRDF is now announcing that the party is ready to undertake its responsibilities in a capable and reliable manner.

EPRDF understands that the country is at a crossroad due to the current political problems. To carry on the fast economic development the country is registering, the party believes that there should be strong unity and understanding between EPRDF parties.

There is some suspicion and mistrust amongst the four major EPRDF member parties. EPRDF executive committees have reached a consensus that the trust and the suspicion issue between the four inter-party members should properly be addressed to bring the deteriorating understanding and unity back to normal.

A consensus has also been reached that the executive committee is responsible for the problems in the party and among the public. Furthermore, EPRDF executive committees should stop blaming one another for the whole problem that’s in place these days. The executive committee should admit the parties problems /mistakes and strive to bring a lasting solution.

EPRDF executive committee understands that democracy among the party members has been found to fade having an influence in providing democracy to the public.  

In addition to that, the deep renewal process EPRDF implemented two years ago has not been successful as expected. The current riots and clashes, which claimed the lives of many and damages to properties in different regions in the country is also a reflection of a failure of our administration.

This consensus has been reached to build trust amongst member parties and to ensure development good governance and peace.

The executive committee has also reached to a consensus to strive in protecting the federal system, responding to public queries and ensuring rule of law.

Thus the deliberation will continue and it is expected of the party to come up with a solution that fundamentally and radically solve the problem in the country. The party will announce the outcome of the deliberation to the general public in a timely manner.

የተመረጡና ሰበር ዜናዎችን ያግኙ