Making Fun on Maître Artist World Laureate Afewerk Tekle SHAME ON US!


A fundraiser questioned the afterlife fate of Maître Artist Afewerk Tekle’s in public.
He was given a roaring laughter and support amongst his followers for his degrading shameful remark on His Excellency Maîtres Artist World Laureate Afewerke Tekle.

The pastor literally said, I don’t know if the man /His Excellency Afewerk Tekle / went to heaven “The lord” or hell the “bottom”

In the fundraising program which was broadcasted live on social media/facebook, the individual was trying to make a point in convincing the people that the T-Shirt he was auctioning was worth a million dollar as compared to “ Mother Ethiopia” the painting of his Excellency the late Maitre Artist World Laureate Afewerk Tekle.

His Excellency’s painting under the title “ Mother Ethiopia” depicts a mother that holds a baby wearing traditional Ethiopian dress /Ye Abesha Kemis/ resembles the cultural and religious painting of black Madona/ St. Mary “Misle Fikur Welda” meaning With her beloved Son.

According to wezwez, the pastor’s remarks on the fund raising program conducted by Ye kibir Hiwot Church on Dec. 24th has stirred a loud uproar, disappointment and condemnation amongst citizens in the country and over seas.

The church was compelled to come out and denounce the pastors remarks saying “ His /the pastor’s/ remark on his Excellency Maitre Artist World Laureate Afewerk Tekle is not the stand of the church”

The church further apologized for the offensive remark by the pastor.

The painting that was mentioned by the pastor as reportedly valueless was offered 14 million USD in an auction. Instead of accepting the offer His Excellency, however, preferred to keep “ Mother Ethiopia “ and give it to his beloved country and beloved citizens.

Maitre Artiste World Laureate Afewerk Tekle is an international celebrity who has been chosen to be one of the world’s 200 famous people. Ethiopians all over the world credit him for his contribution and/or influence in having the Ethiopian flag erected on the moon, Wezwez emphasized.

የተመረጡና ሰበር ዜናዎችን ያግኙ