“ Kukulu ” The First 3D Ethiopian Mobile Game to be Launched Soon


Kukulu, 3D mobile game, invented/deigned and developed by Ethiopian engineers would be launched soon.
A graduate of electrical and computer engineering department at Addis Ababa University Dawit Abraham spoke to EBC about his invention.

He said, “ I was thinking about developing this game since I was a student at the University. I began working on the development of the game by myself after graduating from AAU. This game, Kukulu is my idea but I invited my friends to work on the development with me. We have been developing the game since last year. It’s the first Ethiopian made game, which can also be downloaded and played on smart phones. The game is based on a funny story typical to Ethiopian chicken eating habit. The game starts with hilarious preparation of individuals to kill/slaughter a chicken. The chicken, however, manages to escape and chasing the chicken would be the central focus of the game.“

Dawit Abraham stated that after the release of Kukulu, he would continue developing other games that would entertain his customers. The games he would develop would introduce and/or incorporate stories that show Ethiopian culture and life style.

Dawit Abraham’s invention is something to be lauded. Experts and nationalists are complaining a lot about lack of cultural and convenient games designed for Ethiopian kids by Ethiopian game developers. Our children playing games and are watching movies made in foreign countries. None of the games and or the movies depicts Ethiopian history, culture and life style. The exposure of our children to western lifestyle would have a negative impact in the long run. The kids needs to know their culture history and lifestyle so that they will be clear on their identity as they grow up. We expect many other games of this kind in order to give our children an alternative.
Enjoy EBC’s interview with Dawit Abraham

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