St. Yared Composer, Poet, Theologian


EBC’ Ethiopia Beyene has interviewed a couple of individuals on the 6th century composer, poet, theologian St. Yared.

Sertse Fire Sibhat who has done a research on St. Yared speaks…
“St. Yared is the 6th century composer. He was born in 505 in Axum. He is the founder of Ethiopian Orthodox church hymns. He is the first person in the world to write notes to music.

The secular as well as the spiritual music in the country is all based on St. Yared’s music. St. Yared is the father of music in the country. St. Yared’s music encompasses thought, philosophy and knowledge. Modern music in the country is a derivative of St. Yared’s works.

There is always resemblance and similarity between all arts. Especially music and art shares some sort of similarity in that they both need imagination. Art has harmonious sound the same way art has harmonious colors. We all know that music has rhythm. There is rhythm in art too. The colors, the harmony and combination in art is rhythm by it self.”

St. Yared’s life and works can be a very good inspiration for artists.
Accordingly, Sertse Fere Sibhat said, Artist Dereje Shiferaw has done a very good job depicting the life and works of St. Yared.

Ethiopian artists have mastered the art of painting St. Yared in a traditional, contemporary and remarkable fashion.

Tsoma Digua is one of the portraits of St Yared by artist Dereje Shiferaw. The artist states that he likes traditional portraits of St. Yared. He, however, prefers to draw St. Yared’s portrait in a contemporary fashion with his own imaginative impression included in the work. Artist Dereje has done several portraits of St. Yared in a narrative manner.

Artist Dereje says he has read all the books of St. Yared. He says he has learnt a lot from the books. He adds that he got inspiration for his paintings from digging about the composer’s life and works. The artist further says that he knows that a lot of literature has been written regarding St. Yared. “A lot of scholars have done their researches on St. Yared. I am feeling like I am doing my share in bringing the composer into the attention of the world through my artistic career.”

Artist Siyoum Ayalew president of Ethiopian artists and sculptors association, talks about narrative arts. He says it’s customary amongst traditional artists to work on narrative paintings. The arts found in churches throughout the country including those in St. Lalibela rock hewn churches shows that narrative art is popular in Ethiopian art history.

Artist Siyoum states Dereje Shiferaw’s works on St. Yared is also narrative art which has to be hailed for being another medium in reminding the extraordinary talent of the legendary composer.
W/ro Askale Benti who is an art collector remembers her impression when she first see St. Yared’s portrait by Artist Dereje Shiferaw.

She says that she was so impressed by the work that she was compelled to start purchasing/collecting the portraits.
W/ro Askale though has given her words to the artist that she wouldn’t take the portraits overseas. W/ro Askale is a diaspora who wishes to return home for good.
Enjoy the inspiring program.


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