Yirdaw Tenaw – The Philanthropist at Caleb Show


Yirdaw Tenaw started as a comedian and singer at “Yeshewa Gett” in 1990. He is one of the best artists in the country. He recently released two popular songs by the title “ Serachilegn “ and “ Bemaledaw ”

He said that he was doing comedy and music at Yeshewa Gett. He says “ A number of popular artists were working with me in “ Yeshewa Gett ” incuding Abebe Tekka, Gossaye Tesfaye, Semahegn Belew and others who were very talented entertainers.”

In the show Yerdaw reminded his comedy shows back in the days and imitated various popular singers including Abebe Tekka, Kennedy Mengesha, Martha Ashagari, Bahiru Zergaw.

Asked about his recent song “ Serachilegn ” and ” Bemaledaw Jember ”Yidaw said the songs are written by Henock Negash and the video clips were directed by Sintayehu Sisay.

He drives a car on the video clip and he commented about that experience saying” It was fantastic; it shows the potentials of physically challenged individuals. I had a very good time recording those clips and my fans received it very warmly. I am probably the first blind singer who did such an extraordinary clip. “
Yidaw was very proud when he says the above quoted statement.

Caleb show has a card game where the guests are given a chance to choose one from five cards. All the cards have questions where the guests would answer right there at the interview. Yirdaw choose number 4 and the question went as

“ If you know the date of your death, what would you do? ’
And the philanthropist Yirdaw responded “ I would do whatever I can to help Macedonians “
Macedonians is an indigenous non-governmental humanitarian Association working to provide humanitarian assistance to elderlies and people with disabilities.

Go to “ mekedonia.blogspot.com “ if you too care to support.

Yirdaw Tenaw said that this generation is very different from the previous one. The people are no longer giving lip service when they see physically challenged individuals. A lot of people whom I don’t know come to me and ask me questions. This is something new. It shows how the generation has an altered and better approach and or attitude towards physically challenged individuals.

Enjoy Yirdaw Tenaw’s entertaining interview on Caleb Show.

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