Biography of Afan Oromo Singer Ali Birra’s to be Released Soon


Biography of Ali Birra has been written in English by Dr. Surafel Gelgilo and would be printed soon. The book has also benn translated into Amharic and Afan Oromo.

Dr. Surafel, a lecturer at Addis Ababa University, stated that he has been preparing the biography for the past three years. Singer Ali Birra, which has been awarded an honorary Doctorate a couple of years ago is a sensation of Afan Oromo music lovers. He has been singing for over 40 years.

In a press conference held to announce the release of his biography, it has been noted that Ali Birra’s biography has been published two times other authors but both lack the detail and proper description of the singer.
The tri-lingual biography of Ali Birra would be published in thousands to be distributed in the country and abroad, it was disclosed. Fund raising program would also be held to cover the cost of the publication.

Ali Birra was born 1950 in Lagahare Village in the city of Dire Dawa. In addition to his magnificent voice, he is very popular as a composer, poet and nationalist.

Ali Birra’s pick time was the 1960th when he was singing in Amharic, Harari, Arabic and Somali in addition to Afan Oromo.

Ali Birra meaning Ali the spring was named after his first song on stage, which was called “ Birra dha Barie “
Ali produced his first album in 1971, the first in the history of Oromo Music. He continued to release popular albums such as “Hin Yaadin”, “Asabalee “, “Amalellee” etc.


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