Child Cancer Survivor’s Mother’s Agony


W/ro Fikerte Mengesha shares her and her daughter’s story. She says, “ I was devastated when I first learn that my daughter has cancer. My Daughter was only 2 years old when she was diagnosed with blood cancer. I passed out when I was told that my daughter has cancer. We started the treatment at Tikur Anbessa Hospital. I was told that she has a chance of survival and even a cure. I was shocked though to learn that she would lose her hair to the point she will have no eye brows.”

W/ro Fikerte said she has been through a lot psychologically, physically and financially. The cost of the medications was to high that she was compelled to sell some of her items/properties. On top of the cost of the medication what has killing her was the hardships that she has to go through to find the medicines in the country. She said she finally managed to get the medicines from abroad.
After an intensive treatment for a while, W/ro Fikerte said her daughter survived/cured from the cancer to the happiness and relief of the family.

However, W/ro Fikerte was not content. She wanted to support and help those other kids who were getting treatment for cancer at the Hospital. She established a Cancer Center “ Tesfa Addis “ meaning “ New Hope”. Tesfa Addis was established to provide support to cancer patients.
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