Tigrigna Singer Dawit Nega’s Interview on Caleb Show


Dawit Nega has been a guest on Caleb Show. It’s for the first time in his career that Dawit has given an interview on TV.

He is born and raised in Mekelle city. He started to sing when he was only fifteen. He said he has been through a lot to get to this point in his career. He said he was playing Kirrar. He remembers that he was a vendor as a kid. He was vending cigarette and other items at Mekelle. He jokes about selling everything that was on market at Mekelle.

“ Life was not easy. My parents died when I was only 10.
I never gave up. I was playing Kirrar. I applied to become part of Circus Tigrai as a singer but my application was rejected and then I joined Ashu Band and became a drummer. I played drums for seven years. “
He emphasized on the importance of endurance. He said there were many occasions where he had no food to eat and no money to pay for rent. He said,

“ Music is not a career that provides you with plenty on your table. I was in musical career for many years with nothing coming to my pocket. It takes a lot of your time energy and effort to stand out and make a name for you in the music industry. You have to be very strong and continue to work until your talent starts to get noticed. “
Asked about his first music that was very popular, he said,

“ Baba ilen “ his Tigrigna music video is the one that attracted too many fans. He said, “ Baba ilen is traditional music mixed with modern element and in my own style.”
Enjoy the interview with Dawit Nega…

የተመረጡና ሰበር ዜናዎችን ያግኙ