Retraction and Apology for Mistaken Story on Shut Down of Cheshire Services Ethiopia


In our February 17, 2018 news story covering the closing of 14 non-profit organizations by the Addis Ababa Bureau of Finance and Economic Development (AABoFED), our staff member had mistakenly stated that Cheshire Services Ethiopia was one of the affected NGOs. We have observed the mistake and have immediately taken down the news story from our website.

Our organization has no conflict of interest with Cheshire Services and this was by no means intentionally done to mar the reputation of the organization. Our staff member was misled by an article posted on the Amhara Mass Media Agency Facebook Page regarding the aforementioned shut down of NGOs ( and had erred in assuming Cheshire Services Ethiopia and Cheshire Foundation – Action for Inclusion to be one and the same organization.

We sincerely apologize to the management and employees of Cheshire Services charity organization, its donors and beneficiaries, and our readers for this grave mistake. We would like to assure Cheshire Services Ethiopia and our readers as a whole that we will work ever harder to ensure the accuracy of our news stories through a multi-step verification process.

HoBinet Media PLC

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