Gash Lemma Kebede – 80-Year-Old Elderly


Gash Lemma Kebede grew up in a farm in the town of Boditi in Wolayita Zone, SNNPR. There were no schools in the area during his youth and he grew up as a shepherd and farmer on his father’s land.

His desire for learning was initiated after attaining a ripe old age and when, during an Idir (Neighborhood Community Association) meeting, he was called ‘Mehayem’ (meaning one who is ignorant, illiterate or without any education) by the Idir’s Committee members. He was deeply affected by this comment, so he decided to tackle his illiteracy and quickly signed up to start his education.


Watch the video for the full and most inspirational tale of an Ethiopian who embodies humanity’s endless capacity for learning and growth, and the ability of any man or woman to achieve what he/she has set to do in life.

Source fbc