Transformer Explosion Sets Kuriftu Resort Ablaze


The Kuriftu Resort, Adama has been hit with fire following an electric transformer malfunction. The Adama Police have confirmed the fire which started around 10:30AM on March 12, 2018 has caused extensive damage on the resort.

Fana reports the initial assessment by the city’s police is of total damage to the property inside the resort.

The fire started when a nearby transformer blew up and detached electric cables ignited a storage of dry hay. The fire quickly gained strength and spread throughout the resort compound.

Adama City Fire and Emergency Prevention and Control officers, Oromia State Police officers, military personnel,
Federal Police officers, and the public came together to halt the spread of fire.

Fana adds personnel and equipment from the Mojjo Dry Port and Bishoftu Air Force joined in the effort and successfully put out the fire which had raged for more than 2 hours.

Adama City Police, Head of Public Relaitons W/o Workenesh Gelmecha affirmed the extent of damages incurred due to the fire is being assessed. She stated the Command Post, the Adama City Police and the owner of the resort are currently evaluating the devastating incident.

Source fbc

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