Drivers’ License Forgeries Proliferate According to Monitoring Body


The Ethiopian Federal Transport Authority (FTA) has disclosed half of the drivers’ licenses it has received for validation are forgeries. A concerted effort across the country has shown a significant number of drivers operate on fake licenses or without any license whatsoever.

The Amhara Region’s Road and Transport Authority detained 278 ‘suspicious’ vehicle operators, of which 91 were driving with fake licenses and 20 without any license at all.

In a similar vein, the SNNP Region’s Road and Transport Authority checked 292 drivers. The Authority found 108 drivers (37%) with forged licenses and records of traffic accidents.
The FTA states around a quarter of the drivers evaluated in Addis Ababa were holding phony licenses.

The numbers are staggering. Considering car accidents account for the death of 4,000 citizens and ETB 1 Billion in property loss, the Authority is taking measures to curb the proliferation of fake licenses.

Director of the FTA, Ato Kassahun Hailemariam, unveiled the Authority’s two-phase project to implement a nationwide license database system.

The first phase will cover the setup of a national drivers’ license databank. Data entry into the database has already commenced with not only the holders but the issuers of licenses being included therein.

The second phase encompasses a national network installation, a one-stop shop for all transportation related information. The network will enable users to track the progress of new license applicants throughout the stages of their training. The network will easily be accessible through mobile data network, thereby facilitating on-road monitoring and apprehension of illegal drivers.

The World Bank has provided a loan of $300 Million for the implementation of the Transport Systems Improvement Project (TRANSIP). Ato Kassahun has confirmed $90 Million of the loan will be used for the setup and implementation of the drivers’ license database system.

Source: Fana Broadcasting Corporate

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