Senait Gebru – Yet Another Ethiopian Subjected to Torment Abroad


Senait Gebru recounts her tale of misery as we see yet another instance of the plight of migrating women to the Middle East. Searching for a better life and attracted by the financial rewards, Ethiopians leave their homeland for work.

“I was in Syria. After working for two years, I was thrown off a building over pay disagreements [with my employers,” recounts Senait.

“Afterwards, I had nowhere else to go and I had to return [to my employers’ house]. My hands and legs were broken. They covered my medical treatment for one month, that is until the cast was removed, and then I returned [to Ethiopia].”

A photo of hers before she migrated to Syria shows a beautiful young Senait, now bedridden and incapacitated.

“I was fine when I got here. I started work in a cafeteria,” says Senait Gebru. “But, my bone was dislocated when I lifted heavy materials.”

Senait says her bones are kept in place by metal rivet implants. “Two or three of the rivets have I cannot use urinate, I use [diapers]. I can’t sit up like you are now,” she said referring to the Fana reporter. “My left leg is especially excruciating.”

Treatment and Livelihood Support

Senait claims she has gone to all the public hospitals in Addis Ababa. She was asked to pay as much as ETB 70,000 for treatment.

“I have a child and husband. He used to work daily labor jobs. I used to work too. But now it has been nine months and my husband is not working. He spends his time taking care of me.”

“People cover our livelihood expenses,” she replied to Fana TV’s question on how she supports herself.

“I can only ask the Almighty for a solution. I cannot say I have any solution at hand.”

Senait’s case points to the fact that there are many more others that have not shared their shocking experiences while working abroad.

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