ETB 89 Million Era Dam Unable to Hold Water, Reserves Still Empty


Era Dam is a clean water reserve in Atsbi Wenberta Woreda, Tigray Regional State. It was completed in 2016 at a cost of ETB 89 Million. The objective of the dam is to provide clean water for the more than 3000 people that live in the area. However, Era dam has not been functional and has been unable to reserve water.

There are six dams in the woreda for farm irrigation. The Era Dam is the only clean water reserve in the area.

The Head of the woreda’s Water, Mines and Energy Office said the dam dried up after storing water in the rainy season. The water supply in the dam simply dwindles and vanishes in the dry seasons.

“Don’t Do It, Don’t Build It!”

The farmers in Atsbi and its surroundings had warned the area was not suitable for a dam. They forwarded the topography and nature of the ground would not allow the dam to reserve water. The soil in the area is highly eroded and can retain a small amount of moisture. (Wikipedia)

Nevertheless, proclaiming that it had carried out the necessary studies, the region’s water resource bureau gave the go ahead for the dam’s construction.

The bureau has since confessed that there were problems beginning from the study up to the construction of the dam. The head of the bureau Dr. Tesfamichael Gebreyohannes said, “We are working to make all those involved accountable for their actions.”

Another study is underway to resolve the issue of the ‘dry dam’ and provide clean water to the population. The water resource bureau expects to have a viable solution very soon.

Atsbi Wenberta (Ge’ez: ኣጽቢ ወምበርታ) is one of the woredas in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia. It is located at the eastern edge of the Ethiopian highlands.



Source Fana

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