Water Treatment Project For Fluoride Removal Underway in Silt’e Zone


A water treatment plant worth ETB 5.6 million has been set up in Silt’e Zone. The area’s inhabitants have had health problems, such as kidney problems and tooth discoloration, caused by the high fluoride content in the water.

In addition, the lack of clean water access is forcing people in the zone to travel long distances to find water.

Tesfaye Fichala, Special Adviser to the Ministry of Water, Mines and Energy said, “Over 80% of the children in the area have tooth and bone-related ailments.”

The SNNP Region is particularly showing high fluoride and iron content. There are further underway projects designed to purify the water in the region said Fitsum Mekuria, Deputy Head of the region’s Irrigation and Water Development Bureau.

The treatment plant has the capacity to purify more than 8000 liters of water per day. It is expected to serve the daily needs of more than 2500 people.

የተመረጡና ሰበር ዜናዎችን ያግኙ