Ato Girma Zeleke’s Killer is A Relative – False Reports Claim It Was His Son


The famed creator of ‘Sinziro’ Ato Girma Zeleke was killed last week in Bahir Dar. After his death there have been a lot of speculative stories on his assailant’s identity. Many stories claimed his own son was the murderer. These claims are pure fiction.

We at Diretube would like to rectify these false claims.

Ato Girma was killed by a relative, as we wrote on our March 23, 2018 article. The name of the killer and the exact nature of his relation to Ato Girma Zeleke remains unknown. Ato Girma’s wife refrained from exposing the killer during her interview with Seifu Fantahun.

What has been confirmed is that the killer is a blood relative and that he was entrusted – as a delegated agent – with the management of Ato Girma’s property in Ethiopia.

In reality, Ato Girma’s son was in the USA with his mother and three sisters during his father’s murder.

የተመረጡና ሰበር ዜናዎችን ያግኙ