Update on Arrested Journalists, Bloggers and Activists – “Situation Has Worsened”


VOA spoke to the visiting friends and family of Eskinder Nega and fellow detainees. They claim the prisoners’ situation has worsened.

The detainees are currently in the Nifas Silk Police Commission.

The Command Post is the executive authority on their detainment and the police commission claims their situation is out of its control.

“They are under investigation for assembling in violation of the Command Post’s directive,” says Ato Ameha Mekonnen, lawyer to some of the detainees.

In a discussion he had with the Commission’s commander, Ato Ameha states the other issue raised is the display of an illegal flag.

“The commander has told me any decisions regarding the prisoners must come from the Command Post.”

The lawyer mentions the Command Post directive bans assemblies in public places, gatherings and demonstrations.

“They were in a private residence. And the people in the group could not have assembled to discuss or organize political movements. They were just there to celebrate their release from prison.”

The report also cites the Command Post has not issued formal charges against the arrested individuals.

Source VOA

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