Reception of Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s Chairmanship – Ethiopian Diaspora Activists


The reception of Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s Chairmanship has been mostly positive. The people of Addis Ababa expressed their support for the EPRDF Chairman. Many claim to have expected him to win from the get-go.

Deutsche Welle asks Ethiopian Diaspora activists about how they view the new Chairman.

The interviewed activists point out the challenges ahead for Dr. Abiy. “The reform of the EPRDF falls on his head. He has to create a path to democratic governance,”  says Ato Surafel Asfaw.

On the other hand, there are those that don’t believe Dr. Abiy can create significant change. They see him as relatively inexperienced and remain suspicious of his outlook and capacity to implement change.

“More experienced people such as Lemma Megersa should have been nominated,” says Ato Gizachew Ibissa. “EPRDF should have gone beyond Dr. Abiy, Dr. Debretsion and Ato Shiferaw for the appointment.”

Source Deutsche Welle

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