Education in Oromia Suffers from National Unrest and State of Emergency


The political turmoil in Ethiopia has affected the teaching-learning process in the Oromia region. Being the epicenter of the crisis, education in Oromia Universities, primary and secondary schools has been very inconsistent.

A Haramaya University lecturer says the situation is bad. The teacher, who asked for anonymity, claims students have returned to the campus and registered after a five-day break.

Even though class was scheduled to begin on Monday, it has not started yet. Speaking of the security personnel in the campus, he says “The teaching-learning process has stopped. The gates are shut and movement is restricted.

“12 students are under arrest for trying to return to their families after completing their registration. Their whereabouts are unknown. The students in the University have refused to start class until they are freed.

“The Ag’azi are entering student dormitories, ordering students to attend class. The day before yesterday, they tried to do this in the female dormitories but the students locked their doors and remained inside.”

Administration and Teachers Also on Tightrope

The source also claims Haramaya University’s administrators have been denied entry into the compound.

According to the teacher, if more than half of the students in a class are not in attendance, teachers do not provide instruction.

“We are facing threats to start teaching. A declaration states that any teacher that does not begin work will lose his/her job. And though the teachers have followed suit, students are still not coming to classes.”

Listen to the full Deutsche Welle report on Education in Oromia for more.

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